Hunt for thief who stole NHS worker’s bike from hospital while she was working


Someone stole an NHS worker’s bike from outside a hospital while she was on a shift.

The woman, who workers in the surgical management team at the Royal Victoria
Infirmary in Newcastle, finished work on March 26 and looked for her bike – her ride home – only to discover it had been stolen.

It is believed to have been taken at around 4.40pm, and police are now searching for a man who was in the area at the time as he may be able to help with enquiries.

Investigating Constable Graeme Newton said: ‘This is a disgusting crime. Given the current lockdown, the thief would have known there was a very high chance the bike belonged to a key worker.

Do you recognise him?👇

We are appealing for help identifying the man below. He was in the area at the time an NHS worker’s bike was stolen from outside the RVI and we think he could help with our enquiry.

‘This was the victim’s chosen transport to and from work and she was
crushed to discover, after her long shift, that someone would be so cruel as to steal her bike knowing it was likely how an NHS employee got to and from work.

‘The theft of another person’s transport to work is always a selfish crime
but to steal from an NHS worker in the midst of a pandemic is shameless.’

Police urged anyone who recognises the man in the picture to contact them.